Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Button Wednesday

Its Wednesday and I try to make every wednesday my button day. New creations or new buttons for customers.

This week I play with my extruder and the colours white green and lilac.

New Buttons, playing with extruder and polymer clay.

Buttons for the new summer collection.

See you next Wednesday.

:-) Anette


  1. I love the purple and green ones; my favourite colours ! Thanks for playing along !

  2. Wow i like your stylish buttons- especially the green ones. I`ll try it as well. Just bought a button machine at Mister Buttons homepage.
    there you also can by some nice buttons for yourself.

  3. oh die grünen Knöpfe sind ja wunderwundevoll ...lg emma

  4. Ich mag die Polymer Buttons. Mal was anderes und nicht der ganze Standard.